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EFix 台灣較常見惡意程式清除工具
修正工作管理員無法開啟的問題 (因登錄檔關閉造成的話)
常見的 kavo 病毒, MSN 中毒, 出現「Windows Live Communications Platform 發生問題」,
EFix 5.5 Ver 20100518.24 (分流載點)

My environment: Windows 7 64 bit + Vegas Pro 9.0d 64bit.
(Windows XP + Vegas Pro 9.0d 32bit handle AVI fine in same machine)
Click AVI file shows "Video: Stream attributes could not be determined"
Tried every codecs but no use, 64 bit codecs also tried too.
Adjust 2 Internal related parameter nothing help.
Options -> shift + Preferences -> Internal
Ignore third party DV codecs - FALSE or TRUE (Default)
Use Microsoft DV codec - TRUE or FALSE (Default)
Still no solution, Of course, AVI file can be play normally in Media Player.

Workaround: Use format converter such as Format Factory to convert AVI to MPG or WMV.

Vegas Pro 9.0e released, Trial Version can be download here.

NetSetMan 是 for Windows 的 IP 設定管理軟體, 對常改 IP 的人很方便.
有中文界面, IP 切換的速度比 netsh 還快

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