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Certbot 已經成為 Let's Encrypt 的官方 Client
cd /usr/local/bin
chmod a+x certbot-auto
certbot-auto certonly --webroot -w /var/www/html -m -d -d
若有更多域名, 繼續加 -d 參數指定
憑證會產生在 /etc/letsencrypt/live/

剩下不到30天內到期可以執行 Renew 指令
certbot-auto renew

Apache 設定
Uncomment Include conf/extra/httpd-ssl.conf in httpd.conf
conf/extra/httpd-ssl.conf 內容
SSLCertificateFile "/etc/letsencrypt/live/"
SSLCertificateKeyFile "/etc/letsencrypt/live/"
SSLCertificateChainFile "/etc/letsencrypt/live/"
SSLCACertificateFile "/etc/letsencrypt/live/"

Add time stamps in bash history

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echo HISTTIMEFORMAT=\"%F %T \" >> /etc/profile

996 2017-12-14 12:49:18 ifconfig
997 2017-12-15 12:06:55 ifconfig
998 2017-12-15 12:49:08 ifconfig
999 2017-12-15 12:51:11 ifconfig
1000 2017-12-15 13:38:41 ifconfig

# curl -v 2>&1 | egrep -i "issuer:|expire"
* expire date: Feb 01 00:11:00 2018 GMT
* issuer: CN=Google Internet Authority G2,O=Google Inc,C=US

Screen reattach a session

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Useful when connection drop

screen -Dr
Reattach a session. If necessary detach and logout remotely first.

screen -DR
Attach here and now. In detail this means: If a session is running, then reattach.
If necessary detach and logout remotely first.
If it was not running create it and notify the user. This is the author's favorite.

curl -T to PUT file to PHP

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curl -T file http://host/upload.php

Receiver upload.php code
if ($_SERVER["REQUEST_METHOD"]=="PUT") file_put_contents(date("YmdHis") ,file_get_contents("php://input"));
// date("YmdHis") is output filename

Eanble tftp server in CentOS7

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yum -y install tftp-server

Edit /etc/xinetd.d/tftp, add -c if need create (put file in)
server_args = -cs /var/lib/tftpboot

systemctl enable tftp.socket
systemctl start tftp.socket

PS. xinetd is not necessary

Linux Named Pipe

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mkfifo fifo_file
cat fifo_file

In another shell session
date > fifo_file

You'll see date info in first shell session.
General Usage: piping data from program A to program B.

ref. Named pipe

OTP Client for Linux and Windows

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For Linux: OATH Toolkit
For Windows: WinAuth

Compile PHP with couchdb

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cd php-5.6.23
git clone
mv php-couchdb ext/couchdb
rm configure
./buildconf --force
./configure --enable-couchdb

Compile PHP with mongodb

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cd php-5.6.23
wget -qO- | tar zxv
mv mongo-1.6.14 ext/mongo
rm configure
./buildconf --force
./configure --enable-mongo

mongo extension 已經被 mongodb 取代, 不過仍有維護及安全性更新

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