Pure WLM and MSNPP Build 14.0.8050.1202

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Pure Windows Live Messenger Build 14.0.8050.1202 繁體中文版
Pure Windows Live Messenger Build 14.0.8050.1202 簡體中文版
Pure Windows Live Messenger Build 14.0.8050.1202 英文版
msi 安裝檔及 msnpp.exe 會先解到 %ProgramFiles%\Windows Live\Installer,
然後再進行安裝, 安裝流程:
1. Windows Live Communications Platform
2. Windows Live Messenger
3. MSN Pure Patch

MSN/Windows Live Messenger Pure Patch Build 14.0.8050
去除主畫面下方廣告的方法參考 MessForum這篇文章

Windows Live Messenger 2009 的內建音效檔似乎很小聲,
不喜歡的可換成 8.5 的音效檔

ref. Pank.org IM Page

2008-12-22 Update: 補上簡體中文版及英文版

2009-01-31 Update: 若要移除可參考 完整移除 Windows Live 2009 正式版
萬一移除還是有問題, 而想權回 8.5, 可用 Pure WLM 8.5 自解版

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the cht version is not working, it does installed but leaving a failure msg while patching, pls re-check see if what can be done. thanks

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