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Gea-Suan Lin's BLOG 看到這則有趣的消息
Proof That (Almost) No One Reads End User License Agreements
為了證明沒人看 EULA, 某軟體在其 EULA 上註明, 將送出 $1000 給第一個看 EULA 的人, 結果花了四個多月才送出
在裝軟體時, 99%的人大概都不看 EULA

Using air to charge cellphones

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Using air to charge cellphones? IIT-Delhi does it!
文內提到 "The electricity generated by the turbine when moved by wind energy could charge a cellphone in an emergency"
可能是用類似風車的原理, 可惜沒有圖片.

Google new movie: operator

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Use movie:keyword to search
e.g. movie:disney

ref. Google Blog - Google movies: now playing

sftp speed

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不同的 client 軟體, 使用 sftp 傳檔, 沒想到速度差異如此大
以下是在我環境下測的結果, server 同一台, 抓同一個 20MB 的檔
CuteFTP Pro 6.0    137 KB/s
FileZilla 2.2.11    36X KB/s
WinSCP 3.7.4    3.3 MB/s
SSH Secure File Transfer Client 3.2.5    4.1 MB/s
Linux sftp    4.1 MB/s

Application Layer Packet Classifier for Linux is a classifier for the Linux kernel's Netfilter subsystem
that identifies packets based on application layer data (OSI layer 7).

Installation instruction
1. Patch kernel (both 2.4 and 2.6 are support), build new kernel
2. Patch iptables, build new iptables, cp extensions/libipt_layer7.so /usr/local/lib/iptables

iptables command example:
iptables -A FORWARD -m layer7 --l7proto msnmessenger -j DROP

I test Skype pattern, not work.
I wrote a softether pattern (for 1.0 or 2.0) as follow.
# SoftEther http://www.softether.com
# Pattern quality: marginal
# By Henry Pan
# SoftEther 1.0 ^802f0103010006000000200000040100
# SoftEther 2.0 certification.*softether vpn server
^\x80\x2f\x01\x03\x01\x00\x06\x00\x00\x00|certification.*softether vpn server


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資料來源: 潘:南北兩大淵源


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\View Source Editor\Editor Name]

regedit /e PuTTY.reg HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SimonTatham

PuTTY: A Free Telnet/SSH Client

Skype for Linux 1.0 released

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Download Skype for Linux
Curently Version: Release date: Feb 14, 2005.


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eXeem™ is a brand new Peer-To-Peer program,
which is based on the BitTorrent idea.
eXeem™ eliminates the need for trackers as nodes in the program will be taking their role.

Apache simple auth

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Add auth in directory /home/pank/public_html/auth
User pank, password 1111

  1. Create .htaccess (in /home/pank/public_html/auth)
    AuthName "Simple Auth"
    AuthType Basic
    AuthUserFile "/home/pank/public_html/auth/.htpasswd"
    require valid-user
  2. Create .htpasswd
    htpasswd -cb .htpasswd pank 1111
    (-c for Create a new file, -b for Use the password from the command line rather than prompting for it)
    htpasswd -b .htpasswd test 2222
  3. Edit httpd.conf
    <Directory "/home/pank/public_html/auth">
      AllowOverride All
  4. Restart Apache

dd for windows

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256K/64K cable

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台中家申請了 256K/64K cable, 半年 1500, 也就是每個月 250
HiNet 256K/64K 還要 550, 真是很貴

若沒有要養動物, 瘋狂下載, 256K/64K 已經夠用了
Skype 講話也很順 (Skype 需要 3-16 kilobytes/sec)

TINP 網路, 有多家 ISP 出口
像我現在用的 IP, 是 光速通訊

就以往的使用經驗, cable 算是半固定 IP, 一年大概只會換兩次 IP

maps.google and video.google

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以上由 曜正 提供系統

以上由 東信電訊 提供系統

  1. Tongwen 同文堂
  2. FlashGot
  3. IEView
  4. Adblock
  5. All-in-One Gestures Extension
  6. Tab Mix (原 TBP Lite Repackaged)
  7. Super Drag and Go
  8. Right Encoding
  9. Tabbrowser Extensions (TBE)
  10. ScrapBook
  11. Web Developer
  12. ForecastFox
  13. Sage
  14. Download Status Bar
  15. Show Image

ref. moztw 擴充套件 Top 15 介紹及安裝頁

MSN Worm (W32.Bropia.J)

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W32.Bropia.J is a worm that propagates using MSN Messenger and drops a variant of W32.Spybot.Worm.
The worm spreaded itself via MSN file sending function.
2 friends of mine was infected and sent malicious file to me.
Just reject it, the file with extention .exe .com .pif .scr could be worm.

Add SCode to MT

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I think SCode is the best solution to fight comment spam for MT
SCode needs GD and GD.pm
install gd, libpng first (ports/graphics/gd, ports/graphics/png)
./configure --with-png when build GD or cd /usr/ports/graphics/gd; make WITH_XPM=yes
to build GD.pm, needs perl 5.6 or higher
wget http://search.cpan.org/CPAN/authors/id/L/LD/LDS/GD-2.30.tar.gz
perl Makefile.PL
make test (optional)
make html (optional)
make install
Blog comment spam fighting
An easy way to get rid of MT comment spam

Mercora P2P Radio

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Mercora P2P Radio is a software application
that uses peer-to-peer technologies to create the largest legal online radio network.
It's not a service which allows anyone to download songs.

ref. PCMag's Mercora P2P Radio Review



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