Firefox Multicolumn Bookmarks

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Multicolumn Bookmarks 這個 Extension,
功能只做一半, 書籤主頁有 Multicolumn, 但是目錄裡面就沒有.

為了要做到書籤目錄也有 Multicolumn, 需安裝 Stylish
到「使用者樣式」編寫新樣式, 名稱隨便, 將下面的 Code 貼入, 儲存
調整 width 可以控制幾欄

/*column bookmark*/
#bookmarksMenu .bookmark-item, .bookmark-item[container="true"] .bookmark-item
-moz-appearance: none !important;
min-width: 200px !important;
max-width: 200px !important;
margin-left: 8px !important;
#bookmarksMenu menupopup .scrollbox-innerbox, .bookmark-item[container="true"] menupopup .scrollbox-innerbox
width: 650px !important; /*3 colonnes*/
/* width: 850px !important; *//*4 colonnes*/
display: table !important;
#bookmarksMenu menupopup menuseparator, .bookmark-item[container="true"] menupopup menuseparator
display: block !important;
margin-bottom: 16px !important;
#bookmarksMenu scrollbox, .bookmark-item[container="true"] scrollbox
overflow-y: auto !important;

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