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網段計算工具 netmask (備用載點)

# netmask --help
This is netmask, an address netmask generation utility
Usage: netmask spec [spec ...]
-h, --help Print a summary of the options
-v, --version Print the version number
-d, --debug Print status/progress information
-s, --standard Output address/netmask pairs
-c, --cidr Output CIDR format address lists
-i, --cisco Output Cisco style address lists
-r, --range Output ip address ranges
-x, --hex Output address/netmask pairs in hex
-o, --octal Output address/netmask pairs in octal
-b, --binary Output address/netmask pairs in binary
-n, --nodns Disable DNS lookups for addresses
a spec can be any of:
an address can be any of:
N decimal number
0N octal number
0xN hex number
N.N.N.N dotted quad
hostname dns domain name
a mask is the number of bits set to one from the left
# netmask -r (16)
# netmask -s

ImageMagick transparent watermark

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convert -resize 800x600 -quality 80% -strip -interlace Plane -pointsize 150 -font Tahoma -draw "gravity center fill RGBA(200,200,200,0.3) text 0,0 'WATERMARK'" source.jpg output.jpg

Replace WATERMARK with your text
RGBA, A is alpha channel, a number between 0.0 (fully transparent) and 1.0 (fully opaque)

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