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DavMail for Linux

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wget -qO- | tar zxv
mv davmail-linux-x86_64-4.6.2-2377 /usr/local/bin/davmail
wget -qO- | grep -A131 "DavMail settings" > /usr/local/etc/

Change davmail.url and davmail.*Port settings in /usr/local/etc/

Start up
/usr/local/davmail/ /usr/local/etc/ &

ref. DavMail for Windows

2015-10-08 Update:
Gmail does not support \ in username
(Errror message "Username contains prohibited characters. Gmail supports all printable characters in the username, except &, >, <, \ and spaces.")
Solution is setting davmail.defaultDomain=yourdomain in
then you don't need to prefix domain\ in username.


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tar zxf ss5-3.8.9-8.tar.gz
cd ss5-3.8.9
make && make install

Configuration without authentication
echo auth - - >> /etc/opt/ss5/ss5.conf
echo permit - - - - - - - >> /etc/opt/ss5/ss5.conf

Configuration with authentication
echo auth - u >> /etc/opt/ss5/ss5.conf
echo permit - - - - - - - >> /etc/opt/ss5/ss5.conf
echo username1 password1 >> /etc/opt/ss5/ss5.passwd
echo username2 password2 >> /etc/opt/ss5/ss5.passwd

chmod +x /etc/init.d/ss5
/etc/init.d/ss5 start

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