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Web to PDF/Image

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wkhtmltopdf is a command line web to PDF/Image tool.
wkhtmltopdf https://google.com output.pdf
wkhtmltoimage https://google.com output.png
Linux 版本中文有問題, Windows 版本中文正常, 輸出效果還不錯

HTML5 data-* attribute

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HTML5 data- 開頭是特殊屬性, data- 之後只能用小寫, 通常用來傳遞變數

<button data-id='1234'>Click</botton>

jQuery 可以用 $(this).data("id")); 來取得 1234

fiddler HTTP/HTTPS Debugging Proxy using MITM
Chrome、IE、Opera test OK
Firefox need set proxy to manually

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