PPTPD install script for Amazon EC2

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Tested in Basic 32-bit/64-bit Amazon Linux AMI 2011.02.1 Beta
You need to open TCP 1723 to allow PPTP dial-in

wget http://pank.org/scripts/install-pptpd-for-amazon-ec2.sh
chmod +x install-pptpd-for-amazon-ec2.sh
sudo ./install-pptpd-for-amazon-ec2.sh

or just one line command:
wget -qO- http://pank.org/scripts/install-pptpd-for-amazon-ec2.sh | sudo sh

When finished, You'll see something like this:
VPN service is installed and started.

Your public IP is
Your pubilc DNS is ec2-175-41-206-89.ap-northeast-1.compute.amazonaws.com.
Your VPN username is vpnuser
Your VPN password is 658ed377

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Great script, thanks for the good work Pank.

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