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rclone 支援各種雲端空間的同步(sync)及掛載(mount)

curl | sudo bash

rclone config

Linux 必需安裝 fuse 套件
sync 範例
rclone sync /dir1 gdrive:/dir1
mount 範例
rclone mount gdrive: /gdrive --allow-other --allow-non-empty --vfs-cache-mode writes &
umount 要用 fusermount -u /gdrive

Windows 必需安裝 winfsp
sync 範例
rclone sync C:\dir1 gdrive:\dir1
mount 範例
rclone mount gdrive: X:
需保持 CMD 視窗開啟狀態, 關掉即 umount
Windows 下若要 mount 比較推薦 RaiDrive

GCam (Pixel Camera) for Nokia 8.1

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