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AS Numbers Query

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AS Numbers Query
Enter AS number or AS numbers (separate with space) or keyword (company name or organization name)
可輸入單一 AS number, e.g. 17809, 24235 (2013-02-25 影響全台的是方電訊)
或多個 AS numbers (以空白間隔), e.g. 9924 3356 6461 26347
或公司、組織名稱, e.g. Google, Microsoft, Yahoo

Android 4.2.2 USB Security

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解決升級到 4.2.2 adb devices offline
Android 4.2.2 新增一個 USB Debugging 的安全性功能, 需要是白名單內的電腦才能進行存取,
adb devices 會顯示 offline
需更新 Android SDK, 打開 Android SDK Manager, Packages/Reload, Insall xx Packages
更新完後手機接上電腦, 就會出現如附圖「允許USB偵錯嗎?」的提示

ref. After 4.2.2, 'adb devices' shows your device as offline: nexus4

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