VMware Thick Provision or Thin Provision

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VMware virtual disk 有三種模式:

Thick Provision Lazy Zeroed (預先配置空間, 磁區不清空)
Thick Provision Eager Zeroed (預先配置空間, 磁區清空填 0x00)
Thin Provision (用多少配多少, 省空間)

官方有一篇 Performance Study of VMware vStorage Thin Provisioning
結論是 Thick or Thin Provision 效能並沒有太大差異.
(We determined that a workload run on a thin-provisioned disk performs very closely to that of a thick-provisioned disk,
in both the zeroing and post-zeroing phases of disk growth.)
所以選省空間的 Thin Provision 就好了.

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