System Volume Information Remover

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Windows 電腦的「System Volume Information」資料夾是一個隱藏的系統資料夾,
Windows 電腦的每一個磁碟分割上都有一個「System Volume Information」資料夾。

大部份的人, 都沒在用「系統還原」這個功能, 但是它預設是啟動的,
久而久之, 裡面愈積愈多檔案, 佔據您的硬碟空間,
有沒有遇到一種狀況, 所有的檔案合計+磁碟剩餘空間遠小於磁碟的總空間,
差了幾百MB甚至好幾G, 空間到那去了?
「System Volume Information」很可能就是原因, 因為它是隱藏且被保護的系統資料夾,
即使你設定顯示所有檔案及資料夾, 您看到的「System Volume Information」Size 仍是 0.
System Volume Information Remover 就是 System Volume Information 的移除工具,
它參考官方的說明「何存取 System Volume Information 資料夾」,
在使用此工具前, 請先確認您用不到「系統還原」,
因為此工具無法把刪除的「System Volume Information」資料夾還原

Download System Volume Information Remover
For Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7

The "System Volume Information" folder is a hidden system folder that the System Restore tool uses to store its information and restore points.
There is a "System Volume Information" folder on every partition on your computer.

Most people do not use "System Restore", but it enabled by default,
"System Volume Information" folder get larger and larger, occupy your disk space.
You may encounter a situation that all file size + free space < disk space.
Several hundred MB missing, even over a GB, where is the space ?
"System Volume Information" may be the answer,
because it is a hidden and protected system folder.
If you show all files and folders, the size of "System Volume Information" still be 0.
System Volume Information Remover is "System Volume Information" folder remove tool,
It reference "How to gain access to the System Volume Information folder",
Unlock it then delete it.
Make sure you do not need "System Restore" before using this tool.
This tool can not recover "System Volume Information" folder after remove.

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大大你好,我有使用貴軟體,在win7 64bit



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