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Nikon D80 1.10 Firmware

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Nikon D80 1.10 Firmware
解開有 A B 兩個 Firmware
把 Firmware A 放入 SD 卡根目錄, 選韌體版本, 就會有一個升級選項, 升級時間大概一分鐘左右, 再放入 Firmware B, 重複以上升級動作.
不能一次把兩個 Firmware 一起放到 SD, 相機只會找到其中一個(我試的結果總是找到B)
先升 A 或先升 B 均可

v1.10 更新內容

  • The product will be "Certified for Windows Vista" (通過 Windows Vista 認證)
  • Support for the new USB Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) has been added. The PTP option in the setup menu will be modified to MTP/PTP. The icon will also be modified. (支援新的 USB MTP 傳輸協定)
  • The effects of noise reduction processing performed at shutter speeds of 1 - 8s with shutter speed set to "bulb", when ON is selected for Long Exp. NR in the shooting menu, have been improved. (改善 1-8 秒長時間曝光所產生的雜訊)

ref. D80 Firmware A/B Update 1.10 - Windows

Nikon D80 支援 SHDC, 理論上可以支援到 32G,
有人試過 16G OK, 實際應用上, 我覺得 8G 就很夠用了.

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