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Kinect for Windows SDK

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Kinect for Windows SDK

System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems

Windows 7 (x86 and x64)

Hardware Requirements

Computer with a dual-core 2.66-GHz or faster processor
Windows 7-compatible graphics card that supports DirectX 9.0c
A retail Kinect for Xbox 360® sensor, which includes special USB/power cabling

Software Requirements

Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2010 Express or other Visual Studio 2010 edition
.NET Framework 4.0

For C++ Skeletal Viewer samples:
Microsoft DirectX® SDK - June 2010 or later version
Runtime for Microsoft DirectX® 9

For Speech sample (x86 only):
Microsoft Speech Platform Runtime, version 10.2 (x86 edition)
Microsoft Speech Platform - Software Development Kit, version 10.2 (x86 edition)
Kinect for Windows Runtime Language Pack, version 0.9
(acoustic model from Microsoft Speech Platform for the Kinect for Windows SDK Beta)

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