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StatusCake 是個線上網頁監控服務, 在世界有多個監控點,
免費的方案最短監控頻率是五分鐘, 可透過 Email、SMS(需付費)、PingURL、Pushover App 來進行告警通知
其中 PingURL 官方文件是寫 POST,
但實際上抓封包來看, 其實是 GET, 但是又不是帶參數那種, 所以在 PHP 用 $_POST 或 $_GET 都抓不到資料,
parse_str($input, $arr);

$arr['Token'] = A hash of your username & API key, use this to verify.
$arr['Status'] = Can either be UP or DOWN
$arr['StatusCode'] = Will be the error status code; or 0 if timeout
$arr['URL'] = The URL that can not be connected to
$arr['IP'] = The IP which can not be connected to
$arr['Name'] = Test Name

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