iptables rate limit

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範例: 在 DNS Server 限制每 10 秒的 session 數不能超過 100 (per IP), 超過則 Drop
iptables -I INPUT -p udp --dport 53 -m state --state NEW -m recent --name dnsratelimit --set
iptables -A INPUT -m recent --update --name dnsratelimit --seconds 10 --hitcount 100 -j LOG --log-prefix 'DNS abuse: '
iptables -A INPUT -m recent --update --name dnsratelimit --seconds 10 --hitcount 100 -j DROP

第二行是記錄 Log, name 可以自行定義

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Hi, Pank. I've been using the pure msn you updated for years. Recently, I'm having a problem that I want to send a messenge to some of my contacts, let's say it is my new cellphoen number. I know how msn would work if I add those contacts, it'd invite them into a group. That would work, I know. Yet, I want the messenge sending to individual contact, eg. MSN virus. I googled you've complie a page http://pank.org/msn/

Would it be okay if you could help me with this? I have PTT acc, NLOVE mail me plz. Much thanks!

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