4NT became freeware, new name TEE LE

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JP Software 出的 4DOS, 4NT 是增加型的 shell 介面,
現在已經變成 Freeware 了, 新名稱叫 TCC LE
以下是我用的彩色格式設定檔 tcc.ini, 在捷徑的目標後面, 加上 @tcc.ini 即可.
StdColors=bri whi on blu
ListColors=bri whi on blu
ColorDir=dirs:bri whi on blu;c* e* bat sys i*:bri red on blu;bas asm:cya on blu;txt doc sam wri:bri yel on blu;arj r* lzh z*:bri cya on blu;avi wav bmp m* sdw j*:bri gre on blu;p* dbf ovl bin:bri mag on blu;bak h* g* sty l* t* f*:gre on blu;??? whi on blu

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