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Windows Vista 內建的 bcdedit.exe 編輯開機選單,
The boot configuration data store could not be opened.
Access is denied.
不曉得是不是要用 Administrator 登入才能改?
但是用 VistaBootPRO 就可以改, 而且是 GUI 介面, 比起 bcdedit.exe 的 Command Line 方便多了 .


PROnetworks is not the original author of this program.
This program is built on "borrowed" code, the original author being "Computer Guru" of NeoSmart Technologies.

The real program is EasyBCD and it really works, with more features, less bloat, and no theft of code or intellectual property.

Anywho.... how the hell is VistaBootPRO at version 3.1 when Vista hasn't even gone gold?

Just look at the changelog: it's an exact copy of EasyBCD's... They obviously just look at NeoSmart's changelog and try to copy it.

Just giving the facts.. CG deserves some credit.

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