PingLog PingLog is a Windows ping wraper that output with timestamp.
MSN Messenger Pure Patch MSN Messenger Pure Patch makes MSN Messenger pure and clean. It's universal! written in PureBasic
PKBrowser PKBrowser is a IE base browser for web designer,
view web apperance with different resolution. written in PureBasic
Spam Identifier Spam Identifier is a special mail filter with spam measure system,
Spam Identifier knows dozens of spam characters,
The mail with higher spam score likely spam.
GateCD GateCD is a Linux-based bootable CD-ROM suitable for home and small office.
It performs as a gateway with DHCP, ADSL connection and fixed IP support, NAT, DHCP function for clients.
IME Add Add IME for Windows 2000/XP/2003, written in PureBasic
File Editor 2.30 PC Tools 4.x like Hex Editor
File Modifier 1.02 Hex patcher
Chation 1.4 beta 2 Chinese translation utitlity