June 02, 2005

Fee charged by ICANN

GoDaddy 最近有 5 美元折價代碼 WELCOME, 超過 30 美元可以使用
不用白不用, 去 renew domain 時, 才發現現在(從2004-11-1開始)一個 domain 每年要給 ICANN 0.25美元
Fee charged by ICANN
This mandatory fee is charged by ICANN
(Internet Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers: www.icann.org).
and becomes effective on November 1, 2004.
It is 25 cents per domain name registration year.
Thus, the fee on a one year .com registration would be 25 cents.
The fee would be 50 cents for a two year registration (i.e. 25 cents times 2). Additional years would be at 25 cents per year.
ICANN fees apply to .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, and .name.
renew 4 年, (8.95+0.25)x4-5=31.8, 折合台幣 998.2 元, 似乎只要滿 30 美元, 就會幫你折 5 美元, 不用再輸入折價代碼

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